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What sets HiveMind apart from other content strategy companies?

Our founder and the members of our team are career content strategists, journalists, researchers, and editors. We are not venture capitalists trying to too-quickly scale a company that eventually can be sold to the highest bidder. Nor are we inexperienced hacks. Content is our lifeblood, and it's all we've worked with over the course of our careers. We think about our clients' content strategy while we're eating breakfast in the morning, and we continue to mull over it at the end of the day. Our founder is even known to take a few runs every week to "clear her head," which is code for "brainstorming ideas for a client's project." 

As journalists, our interviewing skills are on point. We also have developed relationships with editors at many of the top publications, and have our fingers on the pulse of what is newsworthy. We know how to craft stories that beg to be read. The bylined thought leadership articles we create with our clients are just as well-crafted as collateral such as white papers and blog posts.

Ask other content strategy companies about their founders. Are they venture capitalists who also happen to be hobby writers? Or, like every single members of our team, are they the strongest content strategists in the business? Ask yourself: At the end of the day, who would you rather work with to strategize your content? 

Who will create my content?

You know how some content strategy companies pass off work to underpaid and overworked writers or freelancers without any true industry experience? We're not that company.

HiveMind creates bespoke teams to work with each of our clients. Be assured that you will have at least three senior level members of our team working on your content to provide an iron-clad content strategy before launching into content creation (which includes superb writing, editing, and a final copyedit to ensure your final product is ready to publish).

Do you really work with such a wide diversity of industries?

The short answer? Yes.

The longer answer is that our founder and the members of our team are curious academic researchers, journalists, and writers who enjoy nerding out over technical reports and scientific studies, wading through the weeds to search for "a-ha" moments, and picking the brains of leaders and luminaries to develop new, exciting ideas. We have worked in finance and education, written books about political strategy development and reproductive health, and ideated and managed projects for organizations, corporations, and higher education institutions that work in the seemingly disparate areas of rainforest conservation and engineering. We've even curated art exhibits and auctions and staged political actions.

The laundry list of industries and areas of interest we've worked in is extensive, and includes:

  • Education (higher education and K-12)

  • Emerging technologies (AI, ML, Big Data, 5G, tech solutions)

  • Engineering

  • Facilities

  • Finance and investing

  • Foods of the future

  • Health and science (reproductive health, climate change, the environment, etc.)

  • Real estate

  • Social issues (gender equality, politics)

  • Travel and hospitality

Perhaps Bob Dylan said it best: "Life isn't about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself and creating things." With this concept in mind, we strive to not only create industry-specific content, but we often go above and beyond by generating ideas that lie in the intersections between industries—new, bold ideas that help move the needle for our clients.  

We pride ourselves on being generalists who become specialists. In fact, we are content strategy specialists. And we have the work and list of projects to back it up.

Are there topics you avoid or companies and countries you won't work with?

We are pro-science. Therefore, we work only with companies, nonprofits, and countries that use scientific methods as the basis for all research and ensuing policies. The more peer-reviewed studies there are to support an idea, the better.


We use the goals and principles of the UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN's Division of Environmental Law and Conventions as guiding models for our own goals and principles. Therefore, we support the fundamental human, cultural, and legal rights of all individuals, communities, and countries. We also support companies, nonprofits and governments that have strong environmental, social, ethical, and governmental policies. We get along best with companies who have made strides toward building greater diversity in the workplace and erasing the gender gap.

We will not work with companies, nonprofits, or companies at odds with the aforementioned goals and principles. Institutions, for example, including the private prison industry, which unfairly and disproportionately incarcerates Black Americans, and institutions that don't support equal rights for people of all genders (we believe that all people, including women, girls, and individuals who identify as LGTBQ+A have fundamental reproductive rights). Xenophobia and racism have no place in business or in our world. Therefore, we also will not work with institutions who support racist immigration policies that tear families and communities apart. 

In addition, mass shootings continue to destroy families and communities across America and research shows that gun violence disproportionately impacts communities of color. Therefore, we will not work with companies that ignore the research that clearly shows we need stricter gun laws. 

Are you a pro-science, forward-thinking, people-first company, nonprofit, or government with a social and ethical conscious? Great. We'll probably be a good fit.

We don't see x, y, or z listed under your services. Do you offer x, y, or z?

It doesn't hurt to ask. We like nothing better than to think outside of the box, and buzz over all sorts of projects and content. That said, if we feel that we wouldn't be well-suited to help create your content, or if your industry or suggested topics are outside of our wheelhouse, we'll let you know, and may even be able to refer you to other companies. 


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