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it takes an entire hive

to fill the honeypot 


Impactful storytelling isn't created in a vacuum. It requires a creative team to make it audience-ready. Our content producers are industry pros — journalists, content strategists, and multimedia producers. Our one-stop content hive provides a bespoke team to work on projects — a lead strategist/project manager, writer, editor, copy editor, and other professional content creators as needed. We create using a proverbial honeyed quill and we pride ourselves on submitting clean, buzz-worthy work to our partners.

the buzz

it starts with just one drop


Rome wasn't built in a day, and impactful storytelling campaigns don't manifest themselves overnight. That’s why we take time upfront to distill your key messages and devise a strategy that works. No matter how big or small of a campaign, we'll show you the honey.


head out into the field 

to launch buzz-worthly projects that matter


If you build it, they will come. Our project coordinators help build nonprofits from the ground up and form leadership teams at schools and companies. We develop and lead workshops, writing workshops, journalism training sessions, and community and corporate events. Do you need to plan a political action, art exhibit, or auction? Or perhaps you're simply looking for a professional to clarify the finer points of blog post development or to teach the art of writing op-eds? These services are all in our wheelhouse, and we've got the experience with corporations and nonprofits to prove it. We can even provide a film production crew to create dynamic video content (including 3D and VR projects) to document your event or tell a story about your business.


ready to get busy?

let's pollinate.

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