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We're a full-service creative hive that creates
                                                 buzz about organizations that matter

HiveMind Communications was founded by Melissa Banigan with a singular mission: Help smart people and great companies, nonprofits, and foundations tell beautifully crafted, deeply impactful stories.

We partnering with some of the best creators in the business to build award-winning campaigns that move the needle. Our global hive includes marketing, communications, brand, and creative experts. We draw upon the expertise of specialized industry messaging strategists, content writers, videographers, project managers, sound designers, and brand and design gurus. We also offer executive thought leadership and policy development, taking that small kernel of an idea you might have and making it pop. Pitching and placing work with media and event planning are also firmly within our wheelhouse.


As the bees behind your storytelling, we work well with others, enjoy the buzz we get from solving complex puzzles, and create delicious products. We occasionally sting — but only when we need to help get that creative honey flowing. 

Our Work

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